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Jyrgalan is a small Kyrgyz village with a big adventure tourism scene. Travelers from all over the world have enjoyed a range of single- and multi-day treks, horseback riding tours, and mountain biking. And in the winter, guests rave about their unparalleled freeride skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. Throughout the year, every visitor we welcome in Jyrgalan has left with a deep appreciation of the unique beauty, culture, and food you can only find in Jyrgalan. 

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Articles about Jyrgalan

8 Reasons why Jyrgalan is the Best Place in Kyrgyzstan

The Crowded Planet

"Visiting Jyrgalan was the highlight of our time in Kyrgyzstan, and the place that best encompasses Kyrgyzstan and what it has to offer. There are countless reasons to visit Jyrgalan – and naturally, adventure is at the top of the list." 

Jyrgalan – Our Favourite Place In Kyrgyzstan


"Kyrgyzstan is already the next big thing in adventure tourism, and after our fourth visit there, we have finally found our favourite place in the entire country, Jyrgalan." 

Offbeat Trekking in Kyrgyzstan: Jyrgalan Boz Uchuk Lakes Trek, A Beginner’s Guide

Uncornered Market

"Trekking in Kyrgyzstan, you'll find you don't often run into too many other travelers; there's plenty of space and elevation to go around. But if you really want to go offbeat and have the mountains to yourself, consider the newly developed Jyrgalan (Jergalan) to Boz Uchuk Lakes Trek in eastern Kyrgyzstan. You'll share the peaks and alpine lakes with just a handful of shepherds and their animals grazing on the jailoo (high pastures)."

The Ultimate Guide To The Keskenkija Loop Trek In Kyrgyzstan


"Our experiences on the 64km Keskenkija Loop trek were simply phenomenal, and knowing that we absolutely the first foreigners to ever do this entire loop is something we’re truly humbled by." 

Kirgistan Reisetipp: Horse Trekking und Wandern im Jyrgalan Valley

We Travel The World

"Während unserer 11 tägigen Kirgistan Reise auf Einladung von Discover Kyrgyzstan verbrachten wir zwei Tage im Jyrgalan Valley oder auch Jergalan Tal. Der kleine Ort liegt ganz im Osten des Landes am Ende eines Tales. Bis Anfang der Neunziger lebte dieser Ort vom Kohleabbau. Mit dem Zusammenbruch der Sowjetunion kam dieser Wirtschaftszweig zum erliegen und die Menschen verloren ihre Jobs. Der Ort drohte auszusterben."

An Excessively Detailed Guide To The Ak-Suu Traverse Trek


"This post will tell you exactly what to expect on the Ak-Suu Traverse Trek, along with a little storytelling about my experience on what was undoubtedly the most epic trek I’ve ever done. This post includes 3 parts: planning resources, an overview of the hike, and a day-by-day breakdown of the hike."

Trekking in Kyrgyzstan: A How-To Guide For The Keskenkija Trail in Jyrgalan

Goats on the Road

"Jyrgalan. You’ve probably never heard of it, but soon it will become a well-known name among the adventurous. The time to travel to the Village of Jyrgalan is now. This is the ultimate off-track trekking destination in Kyrgyzstan and with the new Keskenkija Loop Trail recently marked by yours truly, believe me, it’s an epic hike you won’t want to miss!"

Crossing the Creases of Wild Kyrgyzstan

Tim Leffel, Perceptive Travel

"Going off the grid in the mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan means saying goodbye to creature comforts, connectivity, and humans to find unspoiled nature in its primal form." 

Gypsy Guide to Hiking & Horsing Around in Jyrgalan, Kyrgyzstan

The Blonde Gypsy

"I’m here to tell you about a lovely little place called JYRGALAN about 2,400 meters above sea level which stole my heart and is absolutely one of the best places to discover the alpine beauty of Kyrgyzstan for all different types of travelers." 

How to Hike in Kyrgyzstan (Ak-Suu Traverse Trek)

Jeff Bartlett Media

"We hiked through isolated mountain valleys and across rugged mountain passes. We drank from fresh water streams and swam in glacier lakes. Throughout the entire journey, we wild camped beneath the stars and connected with nature. I could write an entire travel narrative4 about the experience, but, instead, I’m going to share my five favourite moments from the Ak-Suu Transverse." 

How to Hike to Boz Uchuk Lakes

Local Adventurer

"We hiked over 5 passes in 4 days. The trails were tough and moments were so steep that we wanted to give up, but the views around each corner were amazing!"