Jyrgalan Adventure & Cultural Tours

Discover what makes the Jyrgalan Valley so remarkable.

We plan all the details so you can simply sink into nature.

The Jyrgalan Valley is a place where mountains soar high into the sky, the snowcapped peaks reaching out to touch the clouds. During the summer season, lush green fields of wildflowers blanket the landscape. It's a place locals love living, and a place they love sharing with others.

Our knowledgeable guides are all locals who have breathed in this mountain air for their entire lives. They are passionate about using their expertise to show you the most breathtaking panoramic peaks, alpine lakes, and valley paths. We offer tours on foot, horse, or mountain bike, and we plan every detail so that you don't have to.

Every single one of our tours is designed to highlight the best best that Jyrgalan has to offer. As an off-the-beaten-path outdoor destination, you will visit places that few travelers have ever seen. And that's part of the lure — our unspoiled nature is accessible but not crowded.

Allow us to plan every aspect of your trek — from routes to gear to food — so that your only job is to simply sink into our unforgettable nature.

You can download our full catalog of trekking, horseback riding and other tours in Jyrgalan Valley here.

Horse Trek Tours

Horses are a wonderful way for travelers of any skill level to visit the beautiful sights in the Jyrgalan Valley. As a historically nomadic culture, Kyrgyz people are expert horsemen and deeply love using this method to explore the mountains, lakes, peaks, and valleys. We offer a full range of horse treks — some are short, half-day rides to the nearby sights (like a gorgeous waterfall), while others offer full- or multi-day adventures. We also offer combination foot and horse treks for a truly remarkable way to explore. Plan an unforgettable outdoor adventure and allow our passionate, expert guides to ride with you through our beautiful valley.

Trekking Tours

During the summer trekking season — June through September — seven snowcapped mountain peaks break along the horizon. Thick green forests give way to open hillsides awash in a riot of colorful wildflowers, their reds, yellows, and purples shimmering in the sunshine.

To make the most of your trek in the mountains, take one of our supported trekking tours with a local guide, all camping equipment, food, and porters. 

Mountain Biking Tours

Mountain biking is among the fastest growing outdoor activities in Jyrgalan, and we are excited to welcome travelers on a range of newly marked trails and paths. We have a number of easy mountain biking loops for soft-adventure travelers (available as a guided tour or self-guided, DIY style). We've also identified a number of routes that provide just the right amount of challenging adventure for mountain bikers experienced in off-trail riding on rough, rugged terrain. No matter the level of adventure you seek, we have a trail and a tour to meet your needs.

Cultural Activities & Tours

There’s no better place to experience Kyrgyz culture than our small village, where we have a wellspring of traditions alongside a desire to share hospitality with travelers from every walk of life. We offer a range of workshops and shows — some ideal for independent travelers, others designed to entertain and delight groups. Our cultural tours allow you to learn our traditional crafts, appreciate the our history of folklore singing, and cheer with locals during a rousing game of Kok Boro (a horse game that is wildly popular throughout Central Asia. And if a wellness journey is in your sights, then schedule a traditional kymyz treatment to heal what ails you.

Yurt Stay on the Jailoo

Kyrgyz nomads are as much a part of modern Kyrgyzstan as they are its ancient past. Experience the mountains like nomadic shepherds have for millennia before by staying at a yurt camp on the high summer pastures, called the jailoo, throughout the warm summer months. Herders have their own unique traditions, foods, and way of life and by visiting the Eki Chat Yurt Camp, you'll spend the night in the mountains in a traditional Kyrgyz yurt, with the sounds of a gurgling river to lull you to sleep. Your local hosts, Danik and Yryskul, will feed you well and show you some authentic Kyrgyz hospitality.