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The information you need to plan your trip to the Jyrgalan Valley.

The Jyrgalan Valley is among the most charming and welcoming tourist destinations in Kyrgyzstan. The village is small and walkable, and it takes mere minutes to escape into the nearby natural rivers, mountains, and waterfalls. It's also remarkably easy to visit this off-the-beaten path destination. Located just an hour from Karakol — a transit hub for backpackers, tour groups, and independent travelers — Jyrgalan counters the bustle with a focus on getting you directly into nature.

The village's six family-run guesthouses offer a comfortable respite from your travels and the chance to recharge before embarking on any number of outdoor adventures. With the mountains on their doorstep, local guides are waiting and ready to take you on a range of single- or multi-day treks, horse treks, and bike routes. Here’s what every independent traveler should know when planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan's remarkable Jyrgalan Valley.

Understand everything you need to know to effectively plan your visit to Kyrgyzstan, and to the Jyrgalan Valley specifically. This page shares how to secure your visa, obtain local currency, and buy a SIM card once you arrive. Since Jyrgalan is a small village, there are items and services you should take care of before you arrive. These practical planning details provide all the information necessary to plan and enjoy your time in our village.

Jyrgalan is off-the-beaten-path travel in Kyrgyzstan, but that doesn't mean it's too remote to visit! Located just 60km Karakol — a transit hub in the eastern Lake Issyk-Kul region — you can easily use public or private transportation to visit the Jyrgalan Valley. We cover how to use marshrutkas for budget travel from Karakol, or we give you a ballpark idea of how much you will pay for a private taxi. Plan your trip using our detailed information on how independent travelers can get to our village.

In the village of Jyrgalan, visitors can stay in a range of accommodation options ranging from hostel dorms to mid-range private rooms. The Kyrgyz people are known for their hospitality, and these guesthouses (and a yurt camp, too!) provide travelers with the opportunity to experience that hospitality first-hand. Guesthouse owners will provide your meals, as well as help you plan your outdoor adventure and cultural activities. Each guesthouse operates as a social enterprise, meaning a portion of their revenue goes right back into making Jyrgalan a beautiful place to live and travel.

There's no better way to enjoy the spectacular nature in the Jyrgalan Valley than with a local guide at your side. Our guides have detailed knowledge or these mountains, trails, weather patterns, and more. And they're also a lot of fun, too! Each of our local guides works with travelers for their own reasons — learn their stories and get to know the wonderful members of our community leading our treks, horse treks, and mountain biking tours.

The beauty in Kyrgyzstan is too extensive to even imagine that you could grasp it by visiting just one location. We've collected the best destinations and resources you need to plan your onward travels to and from Jyrgalan. Whether you're interested in finding tasty food tours, enjoying more off-the-path treks, or partaking in unparalleled cultural experiences, you'll find that these tourism organizations operate just like Destination Jyrgalan, a nonprofit organization using tourism to give back to the local community.

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