Horseback Riding Around Jyrgalan

Immerse yourself in the Tian Shan Mountains.

Deeply important to the Kyrgyz people, the horse provides an important link between modern Kyrgyzstan and its nomadic past. It also provides a remarkable form of transportation to explore deep into the mountainscape of Jyrgalan Valley. When summer sun warms the valley and the snows recede, horseback becomes a fun way to explore the contours of rushing rivers, wildflower-covered gorges, and high-alpine lakes.

What makes horseback riding such a wonderful way to enjoy the mountains? First, horses are astonishingly sure-footed and agile creatures. Kyrgyz horses in particular are bred to hold up to the rugged mountain environment. Soft adventurers will love our memorable single- or multi-day horse treks deep into the Jyrgalan Valley. And outdoor adventure enthusiasts of any skill level can enjoy horseback riding in combination with trekking for a truly incredible way to experience the area's best sights, peaks, and passes.

Jyrgalan is a place for horse lovers. If that’s you, we invite you to meet our guides, choose one of our carefully selected range of horse treks, and sink into a natural beauty so pure you’ll marvel that places like this still exist on earth.

Be sure to check out our most popular horse trek tours. These tours provide you with a local guide, horse, comfortable saddle and helmet, and picnic lunch.

Choosing a Horse Trek

Although horseback riders of all skill levels are welcome to join our horse trekking tours, the timing and pacing of tours assumes a moderate level of competence and skill on a horse. If you are completely new to horseback riding, please let us know before you book a trek so we can best advise you on the appropriate treks and trails. Above all else, we want you to have a safe, comfortable, and memorable trip.


All horse treks and tours are rated by difficulty level, which considers distance covered and hours of riding required each day.  Some trails are also offered as horseback riding and trekking combinations, which offers you a number of opportunities to find a horse trekking tour that meets your preferences, experience, and health/fitness. Additionally, all horse treks include a highly qualified guide to accompany your trek, a new western-style saddle, and helmet to ensure the safety of you and the animals.

If you need help selecting an appropriate horse trek, please get in touch with us directly to discuss the trails and routes best suited to your individual skills and preferences.

See Planet D's Experience Horseback Riding in Jyrgalan Valley

Horseback Riding Season

The Jyrgalan Valley has one of the best micro-climates in Kyrgyzstan thanks to its unique position in the heart of the Tian Shan Mountains. High season for horse trekking runs June through September, which is when the weather creates optimal conditions for outdoor adventures, whether it’s trekking, mountain biking, or exploring on horseback. In some cases, lower-altitude routes and nearby sights open earlier and later in the year, weather permitting.


If you’re traveling in the shoulder-season (spring and fall), contact Destination Jyrgalan to plan an outdoor adventure best suited to the season (we also offer some amazing winter adventures!). We’ll help you avoid inclement weather and harsh temperatures so you experience only the best of what Jyrgalan has to offer.

Horse Rental and Guides

When you sign up for our horse-treks and tours, your fee includes the price of a horse for you to ride, as well as a local guide who will also act as your horse handler. Full-day tours also include a boxed lunch. Our guides speak fluent Russian, and many speak very basic English — they will fully support your entire day(s) of horse trekking while guiding you safely along the mountain paths.


Horseback riding tours are priced for one to four people. Use these fees to calculate the cost if you are planning a larger group on your horse trekking adventure:

Guiding and horse rental prices
Horseback riding guide (Russian speaking, some English)$56 per day or $28 for half day
Horse rental$20 per day or $10 for half day
Guide assistant for 5+ people$50 per day

Saddles and helmets: All rentals include the gear you need for an enjoyable ride. Our western-style saddles are new and more comfortable than traditional Kyrgyz saddles. Helmets are also provided.

Guides: Each guesthouse owner in town, as well as Destination Jyrgalan, can help you organize a horse trek. Horse treks from Jyrgalan are organized by Azamat Japarov, who runs Baitor Guesthouse, as well as Ruslan Jusupov — both are highly experienced horsemen and guides. Read their stories here.

Note: These fees are specific to the horseback riding tours. Horse porters for multi-day treks on foot cost 2,000 KGS per day for up to 60 KG per two trekkers.