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It's the hospitality as much as the nature that makes the Jyrgalan Valley such a remarkable place. Seven mountain peaks nearby provide travelers with year-round adventure opportunities — from summer trails ideal for trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking to snowy landscapes begging for freeride skiers. These adventures are just the start, however, because this unspoiled nature is accessible from a charming village just opening to tourism. The community underwent a transformation in recent years, from a former mining town with few economic activities to a destination now coveted by independent travelers interested in an off-the-beaten-path adventure in Kyrgyzstan (but not too far — we're located only an hour from Karakol!). Discover the story, community, and organizations making the Jyrgalan Valley an exciting destination.

Jyrgalan: Our Story, Past and Present

The story of Jyrgalan Valley is one of reinvention, faith, and transformation. First founded in the 1930s to support mining activity in the region, Jyrgalan village was a prosperous town throughout much of the 20th century. After the fall of the Soviet Union, however, the town's economy collapsed. Locals had little hope their town would ever recover, until an innovative tourism project brought new prospects — and new dreams, too.  Discover how Jyrgalan became one of Kyrgyzstan's most beloved villages as it offered travelers opportunities for big adventures.

About Destination Jyrgalan Valley

Destination Jyrgalan Valley is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a vibrant and sustainable tourism industry in Jyrgalan village which also benefits and serves the local community. Each tourism-facing business in town operates as a social enterprise, a percentage of whose profits is returned to the community through Destination Jyrgalan, an organization which not only helps but also sponsors village-wide initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of locals. Learn more about the organization's founding, their projects, and their plans for future growth.

Meet the Community

Community is the beating heart of life in Jyrgalan village. Meet the people who founded Destination Jyrgalan — the people who believed that travelers would love their tiny corner of the world if only they had the infrastructure to visit. The members all have dreams for what tourism will bring into their lives, and ideas as to how it will shape their village. Learn their stories — why they joined Destination Jyrgalan, what they hope to create and what keeps them motivated. These are the very same people who will share their homes with you when you stay with them, and who will prepare your meals and guide your treks.

Destination Jyrgalan Services

Destination Jyrgalan Valley is a small organization dedicated to serving the needs of independent travelers, as well as tour groups — anyone interested in enjoying the hospitality and nature in Jyrgalan. Tourism services offered include everything from booking local tours to organizing accommodation. We also provide trekking maps for all local trails, and can help you hire local guides, rent gear, and more. We can assist with anything you need to support your trek or outdoor adventure. Stop by our offices when you're in the village, or send an email to get in touch.

Jyrgalan in the Press

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