Destination Jyrgalan Services

Your one-stop place for all Jyrgalan travel information.

Destination Jyrgalan Valley (also known as the DMO) is the primary organization offering tourism services in the area and should be your first point of contact when planning your visit to our corner of the world. Through the Destination Jyrgalan, you can easily plan your entire experience. Use our guide to the guesthouses in Jyrgalan to find a place to stay, then plan the experiences that match your goals. Use this website to discover our offered tours and activities — and note that each guesthouse is equipped to help you plan a trek, horse trek, skiing, or bike ride, and can provide the local guides and maps you need to explore the Jyrgalan Valley.

Destination Jyrgalan Valley (DMO) maintains its office in the Alakol-Jyrgalan Guesthouse (Asanbaev Street 3) and welcomes guests in both English and Russian. The DMO is happy to answer your questions about any aspect of your time in Jyrgalan. We can also:

  • assist with booking your accommodation.
  • identify and book your ideal adventure tourism experience(s).
  • spearhead logistical coordination and support for all tour products.
  • rent the equipment needed to complete all offered hikes, horse treks, and mountain biking experiences.
  • provide information on inbound and outbound transportation and help secure transportation to Karakol, or further into Kyrgyzstan.
  • provide local trekking and trail maps.
  • offer limited free wifi services.

Note: A portion of the proceeds from all sales and commissions support Destination Jyrgalan, a non-profit Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) working toward local tourism development and community activities.

How to Get in Touch

If you’re already in Jyrgalan, visit our offices at the Alakol-Jyrgalan Guesthouse at Asanbaev Street 3— open daily from 9:00 in the morning.

You can also visit or contact the Karakol Visitor Center in Karakol (22 Gagarin Street), where the staff speak fluent English and can help you coordinate any of the activities and tours offered in the Jyrgalan Valley.

You can also reach us through this website or via Facebook and Instagram.

How to Find Us: Inside the Alakol Jyrgalan Guesthouse, Jyrgalan Village