Sustainability Policy of Alakol-Jyrgalan Guest House

Alakol-Jyrgalan Guest House is located in a picturesque area 60 km from Karakol city. We are founders of DMO Jyrgalan, an association of local entrepreneurs working in tourism.

Our mission is to provide guests with a comfortable and authentic vacation experience while contributing to the development of the local community and environmental protection.

How we protect the environment

  • Use of sustainable materials: We purchase building materials from local suppliers, with preference given to locally produced products certified to safety and environmental standards.
  • Energy efficiency: We do not use coal for heating. We use only electric energy—we have underfloor heating. We equip the rooms with energy-saving lamps, install motion sensors, and use class-A electrical equipment. Lamps with solar panels light the guest house at night. We have had an energy audit, and more improvements are planned to make our building even more energy efficient.
  • Waste Management: We actively work to minimize and recycle waste. The guest house has labeled containers for separate waste collection. We do not use disposable hygiene products or plastic bottles and have a composter for organic waste.
  • Water conservation: We have implemented water conservation techniques such as dual flush toilets,water conservation reminders, and changing linens and towels upon guest request. We also have our own wastewater treatment facility.
  • Minimal pollution: We minimize light and noise pollution while preserving the environment, landscaping and organizing clean-up days to remove litter on trekking trails.

How we protect people and communities

  • Supporting local people: All employees are residents of Zhyrgalan village. We buy products from local producers and organize tours with local guides, horse owners, and stable owners. We also hold charity events and support local women.
  • Workplace safety: As we are located in a mountainous area, safety is of particular importance to us. We ensure the safety of our employees by conducting safety briefings and training seminars. All potential hazards are identified and eliminated. We raise guests' awareness of how to behave in the mountains to avoid risks.
  • Comfortable working conditions: We have 6 employees in our guesthouse, and we create a comfortable working environment. We prevent any kind of harassment and exploitation and support the professional development of our employees.
  • Non-discrimination: We welcome all guests regardless of their race, religion, gender or health issues.

How we protect and promote culture

  • Preservation of cultural heritage: The guest house has many elements of Kyrgyz flavor: paintings, felt rugs, a souvenir shelf and a yurt displaying local handicrafts.
  • Educational activities: We organize culinary master classes on the preparation of national dishes, felt workshops, and folklore shows with local ensembles and musicians.
  • Informing guests: We inform guests about local festivals, master classes, and ethno-shows recommended by Jyrgalan DMO. We also promote respect for nature and local customs.

We strive for harmonious coexistence with nature and community by actively supporting and developing local culture and  economy.