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Temirlan Stones Bike Tour

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  • Kok-Bel Pass: Kok Bel pass (2,660m) rises between the Jyrgalan and Tiup rivers. Beautiful views to Tiup river and Chymyndy say Gorge and Karkyra Valley amaze with descent to Temirlan Stones (200 meters).
  • Tiup River: Flowing parallel to Jyrgalan river until its descent thru Chymyndy Say Gorge to Lake Ysyk Kol, riders are treated to gorgeous sights and sounds.
  • Temirlan Stones: Intrigue surrounds this man-made rock formation unique to the region. Legend has that the rocks serve as markers of lives lost during battle by a local army under general Temirlan.

Note: Transport or pick-up is needed on this mountain bike tour as the trail is 30km one way. Please make arrangements for this with Destination Jyrgalan or your mountain biking guide.

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