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Birch Grove Loop Bike Tour

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Tulpar Tash: Situated at the base of Chunkur Tor mountain range (2450 m), legend holds that Manas’ horse climbed and leapt off this rock as he headed into war, and even today faint footprints can be seen. Local villagers and guides also have identified other objects within the rock (i.e., wolf face, smiling man, etc.) and will share local legends.

Kyzyl-Jar Canyons: A series of three breathtaking canyons amongst mountain range with semi-wild packs of horses. Find the occasional local herder spending summer months on the jailoo (high pasture).

Birch Grove: A beautiful forest of birch trees dating back to Soviet days serves for a perfect and relaxing biking experience. Enjoy forest sights and sounds, all amidst the mountains of the Jyrgalan Valley.

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